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Kitchen cabinets and countertops design and installation in Miami

EDYMAR KITCHEN DESIGN commitment to quality permeates our Italian factory. We affectionately refer to it as our studio or atelier, a place where our craftsmen practice their art in both wood manipulation and client services. Hand-selecting only the finest materials, we work with the kind of care and pride you expect from true artisans.


Our mission remains to provide developers with the beautiful distinction of custom kitchens. While many investors are content to offer generic apartments, our clients want to create something special: exclusive, luxury homes with a distinctive brand. EDYMAR KITCHEN DESIGN helps clients meet these aspirations by offering an endless array of possibilities that allow designers to realize their own catalog of ideas.



Edymar Kitchen Design is a company providing one of a kind built cabinets, with design and installation. Our products are very successful because they are developed in a relationship between homeowners and our expert designers. Our goal is to provide you with a final product in which all your needs are satisfied.



As times change, many styles are updating from time to time. Edymar Kitchen Design works on transforming your most vivid imaginations into reality. Edymar Kitchen Design is here to guide you find the right cabinets for your kitchen.


Traditional and Modern Cabinetry

Traditional cabinetry is still very common in today’s field of construction. Many of the new models today are guided by traditional elements that reach back into the past. Classic and iconic carvings, pillars, hardware and wood grains give off a sense of mystery and variance that can’t be found.


Traditional Cabinetry is usually designed with a framed structure. This lets the designer to add elaborate designs, carvings and accessories that emphasize the kitchen experience. Traditional Cabinetry brings a feeling of elegance, beauty and a sense of comfort to your home.

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We realize just how important bathroom in vanity cabinets is in the goal of making the most of your bathroom.

Countertops Selection

We present to you a variety of laminate, solid surface and quartz countertops as well as laminate sheets and in-stock laminate countertops to match any preferred style. Customizing and enhance your kitchen's design with our vast range of cutting boards, cabinets, tiles, kitchen, kitchen faucets and installation accessories.

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