Cabinets and kitchens in Miami

The Modern design started around World War I and included flat surfaces and geometric forms. Modern kitchen cabinets are characterized by this more v-shaped design with simplicity in both their doors and frames. Recent modern designs reflect a trend towards modern furniture, which incorporates bold angles and smooth curves. Modern kitchen islands can have modern cabinets that reflect this angular or curved look and also include up-to-date components to store in cookware and dishware.

Materials common in modern kitchen cabinets are often man-made and could include metal, plastic, concrete and glass. Semi-opaque or frosted glass is definitely a more common style for modern kitchen cabinets. Replacing old cabinet doors with frosted glass ones are a simple and inexpensive way to make your kitchen more modern. Modern kitchen cabinets can also be covered with wood veneer or plastic laminate. To attain the characteristic modern look, you can use wood veneer with an over the top horizontal grain pattern. Mixed materials are also present in many modern kitchen designs.

Cabinets and kitchens in Miami

While traditional kitchen cabinets lean to be made of one type of wood throughout, modern kitchen cabinets can combine different materials like wood, laminates, glass and metal to obtain a more unique feel for your one of a kind kitchen.

Color is another special feature in modern kitchen cabinets. While the natural colors of wood veneer are popular in this design style, so are bold and less traditional colors. Deep reds and blues and fluorescent yellows, oranges and greens can be been seen in more dashing modern kitchen designs.

Nevertheless the color or material used in your modern design, the main thing to consider is the shape and form of your cabinet doors. Modern kitchen cabinets feature flat slab doors that don’t include excessive details. No crown molding, raised panels or decorative carvings are seen, concentrating on flat, sleek surfaces instead. The simplicity of a modern kitchen design allows for a more roomy and airy feel in your kitchen space. Consequently this design style is favored among those with many windows in their kitchen as well as those with few.